A sewer scope video inspection from Precision Home Inspections Plus

Lower Your Risk with a Sewer Scope Inspection

If a property is connected to a municipal sewer system, then the property owner is responsible for the sewer line that connects it. The condition of the sewer line is difficult to assess since it runs underground — and repairing a damaged sewer line can cost thousands of dollars.

By using a special camera at the end of a flexible cable, we are able to get a first-hand look at the sewer line from the inside. This type of inspection allows us to detect problems that would be invisible in a conventional inspection, such as broken or separated pipes, root intrusion, and other blockages.

Catching these issues before finalizing the purchase of your new home is critical to make sure you don't get stuck with the bill.

Sewer Scope Inspections in South West Virginia, North East Tennessee, and North Carolina

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